Friday, February 18, 2011

Your Wedding For Less | Tip #18


Trying to find ways to save money while not compromising on the beauty and feel of your wedding day? A great way to to do this is to have your escort cards double as favors. Think about ways to incorporate your style, theme, and colors into your favors and have them double as the seating cards. One way is to take a packet of seeds your guest can plant later and use construction paper on the front to place their names. Another idea is take some construction paper, wrap king sized candy bars, and personalized each one with the guest's name and table number.

Napkins rings! bake cookies, before baking use a cookie cutter to cut a hole and decorate to your style. Roll napkins and insert into the hole, placing it at the table setting.

Using Cupcakes? box them up and they can also serve as the favor.

Small silver frames used as place cards. Other decorative favors (such as small votive) can be grouped around your centerpieces with a personalized tag, or even placed on the center of each plate.

If your favors aren't personalized, you can place them in an attractive container near the door with a "please take one" sign. Or if they're stackable, create a beautiful "favor tower," possibly modeled after the cake table.

"Double-duty" favors are the easiest to figure out, have fun with them, get creative!

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