Friday, February 25, 2011

Your Wedding For Less | Tip #25



Wedding Insurance generally covers a variety of wedding related situations.  Depending upon the coverage limits and options you select, your wedding insurance can cover everything from lost or damaged wedding attire or wedding rings to damaged wedding photos or wedding gifts - and just about everything else in-between. Since different insurance companies offer different specific coverage and limits be sure to review and compare wedding insurance policies before you buy.

Wedding Cancellation Insurance protects you from financial losses if something beyond your control (like injury, illness, weather conditions, call to military service, etc.) occurs that requires you to postpone or cancel your wedding ceremony and/or wedding reception. This portion of the insurance may also protect you from a variety of financial losses like if wedding supplier doesn't show up or if your wedding gown gets damaged.

Wedding or Special Event Liability Insurance coverage will protect the bride and groom when it comes to damage or injury to property or people during the ceremony and reception.  NOTE:  Your homeowner's insurance policy may also offer this type of liability coverage.  However, a rider to your homeowner's policy may be needed to extend coverage to the location where the wedding and reception are held.
NOTE: You should also make sure that all major suppliers to your wedding (caterer, limousine service, etc.) maintain liability coverage. Services providing alcoholic beverages should also carry liquor liability insurance coverage. When you sign the contract and pay your deposit obtain a copy of their "Certificate of Insurance".  Also, keep in mind that insurance typically does not cover illegal acts.  For example, money is collected from the guests in exchange for alcoholic beverages without having a liquor license and someone gets in an accident because they consumed too much alcohol you may be held liable.

Considering the costs involved in planning the average wedding, the one time premium is relatively reasonable.  Although the total cost will vary depending upon specific coverage, we found that basic wedding cancellation insurance coverage starts at about $100.00 and increases in cost depending mainly upon the total cost of the wedding expenses to be covered.  Additional wedding liability coverage costs (as of 2008) were as low as $100.00 for $1,000,000.00 in coverage.

WHERE CAN YOU OBTAIN WEDDING INSURANCE? You can obtain wedding insurance coverage online via several websites.  Since wedding insurance coverage options and limitations vary between insurance companies, please be sure to compare all policy options, coverage limits and costs before making a purchase.

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  1. VERY interesting and anyone with a history of "bad luck" or anyone that is concerned with perfection and not laeaving things to chance would surely want to look into this option.