Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Your Wedding For Less | Tip #9


Don't feel obligated to invite your twice removed step-cousin's friend or an acquaintance you haven't spoken with in over a decade. Having fewer guests allows you to focus on quality over quantity. A small wedding on a moderate budget has the potential to be more beautiful and elegant than a large wedding on the same budget.

If a small private wedding is what you want, everyone close to you has to understand your needs and desires. Without hurting their feelings, there are a few ways to have everyone meet in the middle (depending on what type of family you have).

  • Stand politely firm in your decision to have a small wedding and make it clear that you will not change your plans no matter how much pressure others put on you.

  • Choose a wedding location appropriate for smaller gatherings.

  • You can plan a vacation wedding as well. With just family and few close friends it will not be grand expense. You can even stay there later for enjoying the marital bliss and take leave from friends.

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