Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bridal Fairs - My Advice to Grooms

Last Saturday I attended a local Bridal Fair, it was kinda neat to see the amount of Grooms that attended with their Brides to be. I'd like to offer some advice to all Grooms embarking upon the journey of Bridal Fairs - Grooms beware of vertigo.

You may walk in and literally feel like an alien. I’ve worked at these shows and the look of Grooms’ faces is the equivalent of them being asked to suddenly give birth. This is her world; she is like an Avatar on the Planet Pandora. You need to forget everything you know regarding logic and reason and literally act like your dog for up to 4 hours. Just smile, nod at everything, and don’t speak. Treat every brochure like it’s the magic ticket to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory as they may be needed later and you don’t want to lose them or misjudge their value.

Don’t ask questions. You are an information gatherer, a census taker…that’s it. Just remember that the value of this show is in the process. It’s a test of stamina. You might get frustrated here but you have a long way to go.
Good luck and enjoy, because believe it or not, this is time well spent.

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