Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Predictions for 2011 Wedding Trends

My head is filled with wedding ideas for this year. Here are my predictions for the hot trends in 2011. I hope they will give you some ideas for your wedding.

The overall theme for 2011 weddings seems to be “subtle luxury” with a heavy emphasis on creativity and personalization. Every element should be tailored to reflect you and your groom, but not cross the line into lavish or excessive.

Intimate weddings are still going strong: Even though wedding budgets are beginning to recover in 2011, a return to the traditional lengthy guest list will not make a comeback.

Couples will continue to buck “tradition-for-tradition’s-sake”: Heavy emphasis on personalizing every aspect of their wedding to reflect the bride and groom’s interests and personalities will be big again in 2011.

Wedding gowns are all about texture this year: In keeping with the subtly luxurious tone of all wedding trends this year, gowns are following suit with visually interesting and rich textures.

Non-traditional veils: Vintage or heirloom hair combs are really hot. Reusing old items are great for the environment and they are a great way to incorporate something special for a loved one.

More eco-friendly options: Outdoor weddings (saves on power), recycled paper or “plantable” stationery (reduces waste), vintage jewelry and d├ęcor (reusing saves energy and waste). Alternative times for weddings: Wedding brunches are big as couples try to spend wisely. The time change can save money on food and bar bills.

Technology is being used to its full potential using smart phone apps, and communicating wedding plans through social media, and personal websites.

Non-traditional reception seating: Couples will be using different shapes and sizes of tables at the reception to create a more casual “lounge” feel.

DIY and handmade wedding related items continue to grow in popularity: Hand-made, vintage, and rustic touches are being prominently showcased. Regardless of budget, many brides are getting into the DIY craze as materials are becoming easier to access and more affordable through major craft retailers and reputable online sources.

Couples are choosing to provide their guests with a dessert bar, a candy bar, cigars and a signature drink, coffee bars, or souvenir photo booth picture strips in lieu of the traditional wedding favor trinket.

There is a lot to look forward to in 2011 weddings. I hope that you will share some of your ideas with our wedding blog readers. Just post for me here on the wedding blog or send me an email to Also become a fan on Facebook (search: Special Events by Sandy) or follow me on Twitter (@SandyTEvents).

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