Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Was Your Proposal Romantic, Unique or Do You Even Remember?

So you're ready to get married but not sure how to ask the love of your life? Well, ask yourself how do you want this moment to be remembered.

The memories of your proposal will last a lifetime, so why not make it as special as possible with a unique, one-of-a-kind, incredibly romantic and creative marriage proposal. No idea how to do any of above mentioned? Believe it not, it's easy. Here's some helpful hints:

1. If you take an idea from a website or a suggestion from anywhere else, make sure you don’t make it a carbon copy. Make it unique to the two of you, using your own memories and shared experiences and not somebody else’s.
2. It’s not all about how much you spend on the proposal! Some of the best engagement proposal ideas are the least expensive!
3. Consider the kind of mate you have! If he or she’s the shy type then more than likely they may not appreciate a public proposal at a sporting event! on the other hand, if your mate is an extrovert then proposing during an intimate dinner may be disappointing!
4. Make sure to include little touches that are really meaningful to the two of you ie; where you met, how you met, the first flowers you bought, the first movie you watched or meal you cooked, perhaps even an anniversary! These are the little details that you two as a couple will remember forever!
5. If you’re thinking about proposing on a holiday then stop and think why! Have the two of you been there before and shared in a special experience there? It’s far better to propose at the spot you first met or had your first picnic than flying across the world to propose somewhere you’ve never been!
6. You will need to plan you proposal out in every minute detail! Don’t leave anything to chance. Have a contingency plan in case something goes wrong and above all…try and be surprising! If you think about every detail and little mishap that might happen you will be more likely to have a successfully surprising proposal.
I hope these engagement proposal ideas give you inspiration and that you get the answer yes!

If you are already married, please share your proposal stories with us, maybe your story will inspire some of our readers.

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