Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Do Over...

Wishing you all a prosperous and successful New Year!

I began several days ago thinking of something to blog about on this first day as we all start the new decade and it was then that I realized that I should probably begin with a "Do Over". I started my blog during the month of August 2010 and in the four months I only posted two times. So, let's take it from the top.

Why am I here? and why should you read my blog?

I started planning events and weddings around 16 years ago when I was on active duty as a United States Marine. I have always been an "organizer" - one who enjoys making lists and schedules, verifying details, being the "go-to" person at events, coordinating teams of people, organizing special events. And I love weddings. So it only seemed a natural thing for me to start my own event planning company 7 years ago. It was a year ago when I decided to retire from active duty to work full time with my company. In May 2010 my husband and I opened our boutique and July 2010 I officially retired from the military. My dream was to have a business doing all the "organizing" that I love to do. My primary business focus is on weddings - helping Brides to enjoy their day without stress or worries. I am a "take charge" person but I love to do so within the parameters of what others expect. I love to see people able to relax and truly enjoy their wedding day without having to worry about details, problems, glitches of vendors, guests, bridal party or even family members! I love weddings - and I love helping to make each wedding not only unique but "dreams come true"! In 2010, I was so excited to expand my services to include rentals, honeymoon planning as well as becoming a Wedding Minister.

Coordinating events of all sorts, family celebrations, social events, fundraisers, corporate parties, etc. is my passion turned fulltime employment. I want everyone to know that having my own company has allowed me the opportunity to use my skills in many new, exciting and different areas, all the while knowing that I'm helping people pull together a great event, and making their job easier in the process.

As a resolution and promise to myself, I plan to do what my Mother taught me as a child; share... my goal is to blog my experiences, knowledge, tips and much more during this year. Stay tuned and please follow as I welcome your feedback and advice while I continue to grow during 2011.

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