Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wedding Invitation Etiquette Dilemma

Ann Landers Law of Invitation: “An adult should feel free to invite anyone he or she chooses to any kind of social event, regardless of who is talking to whom. It is then up to the invited person to accept or decline the invitation. If So-and-so says, “I won’t come if A, B, or C is invited,” the host or hostess should …say, “I’m so sorry. We will miss you.” Period.”

Questions often asked by brides:
Do we have to have “and guest?” No, you don’t. The rules are yours to make. If you decided to go with this, make sure it applies to everyone, friends and family alike.

Should we include our gift registry details in our wedding invitations? Some say never mention gift registries on anything associated with your wedding invitation. However, they are probably the same ones that say it is not acceptable to print your guests names, address and the postage from your computer.

Some of our guests haven’t RSVP’d? Your bridal consultant can help you with this one. She can make friendly calls to these people to see if they are coming.

Tip for the Reply Card
Pencil in a number on the back of reply cards, just in case the guest forgets to write their name. Your guest list should coordinate to these numbered cards and provides a way to look up whose card is being returned, even if there’s no name on it.

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