Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Creative Coverings

As an event planner, I've been in the frontlines of banquet, party and soriee' productions and in this industry there is a requirement to keep up with the latest trends, our customers expect it. Some of the greatest value we deliver is that expert insight into what's happening, what's the latest, and what's going to be the hot new thing when their event takes place.

Specialty table linens are a sure-fire way to create a truly unique look for any event, it’s the best and easiest way to add a touch of platinum for pennies. My Company's design team are big believers in table linens in general, and having a printed linen makes the visual impact even more of a statement.

Event Design has always been my passion, I love this part of the business. Pulling colors together, bringing in the right textures to ensure there's depth and creating a fresh perspective on a space is my signature approach. It gets frenzied and exciting in its final moments as we see all of our tablecloth, napkin, overlays and chair cover decisions coming to fruition.
When you are hosting an event that we've designed you'll definitely feel the love. We fit all of our big ideas in a scale that fits your life, style and budget.
Visit our website and check out our linen rentals, then give me a call (910)325-7419 so that I can begin creating your event design.


  1. Yes, fabric is amazing and so inspirational for a theme. Linens you use, be it print or plain lay a classic foundation to your creative table coverings.

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  3. Sandy,
    I have loved looking at your blog. I can tell that you really enjoy what you do. Your creativity and style are assets to folks who use your help planning their special occasions. You are doing a terrific job!
    Vicki :)