Sunday, January 16, 2011

Keeping Your Maids Merry | 5 approaches to your bridesmaid dresses

Thankfully, today’s brides understand that happy, confident, beautiful bridesmaids only serve to accentuate a happy, confident, and beautiful bride. Still brides must wrestle with balancing the different personalities, body types, and skin tones (not to mention pregnancy) of their maids, with the other stylistic elements of the wedding.

There is a definite trend away from identical bridesmaid posses (same dress, shoes, hair & flowers) and a move towards a more personal, individual style. Brides, understanding the expense of being a bridesmaid (travel, attire, gifts), are also attuned to making sure the dress is wearable again.
Some ways we have seen recent brides handle the matter are:
All bridesmaids were asked to wear identical dresses, but were encouraged to show off their own personal style with their shoes, hair styles, jewelry, and accessories.
The bride selected the dress style, but the bridesmaids could select the color most flattering to their skin tone within the bride’s vibrant wedding color palette.
The bride selected a particular line and color scheme from a designer. The bridesmaids could select any dress from the line, allowing them to choose between strapless, cap sleeves, v-necked halter, and two piece dresses.
The bride selected a color palette and let her bridesmaids chose the design and color/ pattern.

Those are just a few tips to help keep the Maids merry...

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