Monday, January 10, 2011

Teamwork is Sharing the Planning Responsibilities

"Why is it that today's brides still carry the bulk of the wedding planning responsibilities?"..

The modern bride knows that times have changed when it comes to wedding traditions. No longer are we expected to wear our mother's wedding dress, cook a four-course meal for our own reception, and follow lots of other traditions our parents wistfully reminisce about with stars in their eyes (while we feel terror sink into our hearts.) So why is it that today's brides still carry the bulk of the wedding planning responsibilities?

Bride and Groom Wedding Planning Stereotypes
Perhaps it has something to do with the images of engaged couples we still see on TV and in movies, where the bride (or bridezilla) is just so grateful to be getting married that she goes overboard with planning and preparation - while the groom sits back and shakes his head.
The truth is that planning a wedding is a team effort, and can be a great way for an engaged couple to not only practice teamwork, but to learn that they are, in fact - on the same team.

Tasks for the Groom and Couple
If you're a bride-to-be that wants to ensure the wedding planning tasks are divided up, the following groom's checklist provides a great guide for knowing what you can plan as a couple, and what the groom needs to take care of on his own.

Feel free to post this list in a highly visible area, such as the fridge, the bathroom mirror, or wherever you posted the diamond ring flyer!

12 months before the wedding
Decide who will stand up for you in your wedding ceremony.Who will be your best man? Your groomsmen? Time to pick first draft and let them know!
(As a Couple) Choose the locations for your ceremony and reception. If you need some ideas, contact me via email

9 months before the wedding
(As a couple) Work on the guest list. You can refine the list later on to make sure you have everyone from your own side of the family, but the rough guest list outline can be done as a couple.

Plan your honeymoon.Thinking of your honeymoon will keep you inspired throughout the rest of the wedding planning work! Check out my travel page on our website

Register for gifts. So maybe you don't really have a vested interest in which type of china patterns you guys pick out - there will still be lots of other things that you can both have fun deciding to register for as a couple.

3 months before the wedding
Arrange for your tux and groomsmen's clothing. Whether you'll be renting or buying, it's time to figure out what everyone will be wearing. Check out ours: Sandy's Tux shop

Finalize your guests for the guest list. This means confirming you have the correct spelling of your great aunt's name (and don't include her ex-husband's name.)

8 weeks before the wedding
Purchase gifts for the groomsmen and bride. Gifts such as cufflinks for the groomsmen and pearls for the bride are often customary - if you're stumped for ideas, check in with some of your married friends and family or call me (910)325-7419 for tips.
(As a couple) Select floral arrangements. For a referral, stop by our boutique to check out our directory.
Finalize rehearsal dinner plans.

3 weeks before the wedding
(As a couple) Finalize reception seating plans.
Get marriage license.
Finalize transportation. Contact me for a list of Limos and carriages.
Confirm honeymoon reservations.

1 week before the wedding
Pack for the honeymoon.
Prepare your reception thank you speech.
(As a couple) Prepare payment options for wedding services rendered, including the priest/ceremony official organist, DJ, reception venue, etc.

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