Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Predicted Wedding Color of the year?

I began today with the mindset of "PURGING" as I was driving to my shop I thought, new year-best time to purge the old stuff in the storage closets of my boutique. Once I arrived and before I flipped the open sign and unlocked the door I checked my calendar to ensure I had no scheduled appointments for today ( I didn't want someone coming in while I had everything pulled out of the closets). Before I began to pull things out and decide what stays and what goes I started searching for 2011 trends and found the following:

Predicted wedding color for this year...

This color is terrific for any season. I'm looking forward to showing you some ways you can incorporate this color into your wedding day. Honeysuckle is fresh, bright, vivid yet elegant. It can be paired with many different colors but the result is always the same.......GORGEOUS!

You have to check out these color put together by Michelle Mospens of a Wedding Sketchbook

..... And one of my favorite sites (favs) for playing with color combo is: FAVS#1

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