Friday, January 28, 2011

The Wedding Gown - Royal & Memorable

The wedding dress is the first thing that every bride thinks about when she gets engaged. Finding that perfect dress to be married in is the most important detail to most brides, so can you imagine being Kate Middleton (whose title will be announced by Queen Elizabeth II) after her royal nuptials? With the entire world’s eyes on her, she will have to not only be absolutely stunning and unforgettable, but she must wear something that will represent royalty and grace and be respected by the entire world, not to mention the Royal Family. What she wears, not just on her wedding day, but every day of her life, is used as a marker of who she is.

According to People Magazine last week, Kate Middleton has chosen the designer who will create her wedding dress. The person's identity will remain a secret, as per the couple’s request. There is speculation the designer will be Bruce Oldfield, one of Princess Diana’s most beloved designers, who is also the top choice for those betting on the chosen designer.

Creating couture dresses for more than 30 years, his clients include Britain’s first lady Samantha Cameron, the Duchess of Cornwall, and Queen Rania of Jordan. Kate’s mother, Carole, and sister Pippa, were spotted in Bruce Oldfield’s London shop, causing rumours that he was "the chosen one."

Even though we might not be princesses, duchesses, or countesses, we can still be a princess on our wedding day and wear a dress that makes us feel like one. Think tiaras, elegant jewel sets, extra full ball gowns and, of course, a long train that goes on and on all the way down the aisle.

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