Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter Wedding | Romantic or Chaotic?

Winter weddings can be so romantic, but with the chaos we've faced in the past month due to the snow, will newly engaged couples be in such a hurry to try make their dream of a white wedding a reality? I seriously don't believe that when couples in the south, even as southern as Florida thought when they began planning a winter wedding that there would really be a chance of snow.

We take a look at the pros and cons of winter weddings, and offer some tips on how to overcome some possible problems you may be faced with.

Guest Availability - Your wedding guests will probably not be away on holidays like summer weddings.
Off-peak Prices - It may cost less to get married during the winter with wedding off-peak season. Some hotels and wedding suppliers may offer a special rate during the winter months.
Availability of Wedding Suppliers - Your preferred wedding vendors may have availability during this traditionally quieter period.
Christmas Cheer - If you opt for a Christmas wedding, most of your guests will be on holidays, and full of the festive spirit. Christmas weddings are generally quite relaxed, as guests are not in such a hurry home the following day. Relations get to spend more time together during the holiday period. There is a great atmosphere with the Christmas tree, mulled wine and mince pies.

Weather - Although you’re not guaranteed fabulous weather for a summer wedding, winter weddings bring the possibility of bad weather. Snow and icy conditions may be hazardous for guests and suppliers travelling to your wedding.
Less Light - With the dark evenings arriving earlier, this leaves very little time for your photographer to get outdoor photos taken.
Accommodation Costs - Room rates over the Christmas and New Year period are generally higher, so it may deter guests from staying overnight at your wedding.

Helpful Tips to overcome winter wedding woes:
♥ Have a later ceremony. This leaves your guests and wedding suppliers more time to make their journey to your ceremony if the weather conditions are hazardous.
♥ Keep in contact with your wedding suppliers. Carry their numbers with you on your wedding day in case they get stuck. Ask can they line up a local wedding supplier to cover for them if they get snowed in.
♥ Holding your wedding ceremony in same venue as your wedding reception leaves less traveling for you and your guests.
♥ If you’re planning a Christmas or New Years wedding, check which days are bank holidays before you book your wedding, as this may affect your vendors.

♥ Have alternative indoor location for photographs if it is too dark or cold or wet outside.
♥ If you are having a church wedding, conduct your receiving line inside the entrance.
♥ Dress your bridal party accordingly. Have alternative footwear (rubber boots), keep those fingers warm with gloves, wrap up in a cute bolero or cape, and keep a fleece or blanket in your wedding car to through over you between photos to keep warm.

Have you had a winter wedding disaster, or a magical white wedding? Let us know. If you have any more tips for our brides, leave a comment below.


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